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Public Charity and Donations!

As of 12 September 2022, Code for Vegas Foundation has submitted to the IRS, form 1023-EZ for 501(c)(3) public charity determination. Under normal circumstances this might lead to a response in 2-4 weeks, but these are interesting times which may add countless weeks of delay to that estimated timeline.

Would you like to support our local innovators and local innovation, which is entirely civic volunteerism in action? Any donations you would care to make via the link below, will be retroactively tax deductible (consult your tax professional) once Code for Vegas Foundation receives our determination letter from the IRS. When this occurs, you will be notified via the email address you provide in the donation form.

If you would like to support Code for Vegas Foundation and would rather donate to a current 501(c)(3) public charity, Tech Alley has been kind and supportive enough, as always, to be our official Fiscal Sponsor, enabling donations to Code for Vegas Foundation via Tech Alley. Button opens link in a new web page:

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The Forkening!

In order that we might resonate with all of our innovators near and far, we have forked our public presence into and, with websites and logos and resources designed by and for our volunteers to be inclusive! (Come back and those will be working links!)

This website you are looking at now remains our main site for the Code for Vegas Foundation, a Nevada Nonprofit, so that we may provide general information about the business of civic volunteerism donations and financial activity (always transparent), and other useful bits.

Give a Listen!

Thanks Melissa Rittenhouse and her Entrepreneur Escape Pod podcast for having us on to talk about how we have rebooted this organization and what we hope to accomplish in coming weeks and months, including discussion of our current Virtual Vegas and future Education capstone projects. Give the show a listen and subscribe to hear more interesting podcast episodes about Enrepreneurs in and around Las Vegas!

Thanks a Million!

Thanks to Joshua Leavitt and the Tech Alley Crew for their ongoing support and, of course, the Launch Party they bestowed upon us for the 17 September Tech Alley event in Downtown Las Vegas! Thank you as well to our supporters, our enablers, and most of all our volunteers who are not only developing job skills and doing cool things, but they are Making our Smart City Smarter!

General Information

About Us

The Code for Vegas Foundation was rebooted from the original Code for Vegas in 2022, formed as a Nevada Nonprofit Corporation on 16 June 2022, and is presently pursuing a 501(c)(3) public charity determination with the IRS.


To enable and encourage civic ideation, innovation, and implementation to make our communities better.

While we have kept the name of our predecessor organization formed in 2014, we endeavor to include all comers wishing to contribute and collaborate on these civic projects and goals, without a specific focus on coding.


Our core principles are essential:

  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Accessibility

These principles apply not only to project participation, but also to all meetups, gatherings, online publications, project deployments, and ongoing development of any type of work product. We invite all those interested in learning, contributing, and collaborating on civic projects designed to improve our communities, to do so with confidence and conviction!


We will invite members of the population at large to build an organization centered on civic volunteerism, skills development, and job creation, with a focus on Making our Smart City Smarter, improving Education, and driving our 3-word ethos: Inclusivity, Diversity, Accessibility.


Please find the latest versions of our policies on GitHub, visible using your web browser visiting these links:

tl;dr: Be civil at least, enable and encourage, elevate don’t castigate and above all if you are interested (and interesting?) you are invited so come on down and get involved!


At present we have two monthly recurring in-person events scheduled to bring together the curious and the collaborative. All are welcome, if you are interested you are invited!

All Code for Vegas Foundation events follow our published Code of Conduct and are to be considered child-friendly (we encourage parents to join in!).

Monthly Finale at Tech Alley

This is our monthly gathering and meetup at Tech Alley, welcome to all to visit and learn about the projects of the previous month and those upcoming, along with answering questions and presenting updates to our Big and Bigger Plans.

Here we present a Show & Tell of projects as they become showable, or tellable. Projects may be web or mobile applications, but may also be other creative works designed to tackle a part of one of the various project topics, or one of the capstone projects. There is also a general conversation at each meetup about the various projects, how to participate, and future plans.

Launch Party!

Thank You Tech Alley for hosting our Launch Party, wherein we celebrate The Forkening, our filing to become a 501(c)(3) public charity (pending, stay tuned!), and various ongoing projects and possibilities.

Monthly Hackathon Meetup

The agenda of the monthly meetup is to pursue the current topic for the month and to allow new participants and curious individuals to see what everybody is working on, maybe to join one or more projects!

Monthly Community Panel

  • When: Saturday, 8 October 2022, 10am Pacific Time
  • Where: Online and in-person at the monthly Hackathon Meetup

Rather than limiting participation with an Advisory Board or similar, we invite any member of any community, whether in the Las Vegas Area or beyond, to participate in a monthly chat, update, forum, or whatever might happen with each panel meetup. There are no assignments, the meetings are intended to be episodic and so if you miss one, aim for the next one.


As a Nevada Nonprofit Corporation, the Code for Vegas Foundation has filled the following roles to govern the operation and growth of this organization:

Profile Picture, Zachary Gonzalez
Zach Gonzalez, President, Acting Secretary

Co-founder of Co Flow, CEO of Polaris, CTO of Intagly, Flutter developer, and leading Code for Vegas Foundation into the future.

Zach Gonzalez on LinkedIn
Profile Picture, Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo, Director, Acting Treasurer

Founder of ReallyCool Technologies, LLC, Maker of Friends, Friend of Makers, making the most noise most of the time on behalf of the Code for Vegas Foundation.

Dan Hugo on LinkedIn
Profile Picture, Shawn Looker
shawn looker, Director

Co-founder and Co-Captain of the original Code for Vegas Brigade in 2014, part of Code for America. Shawn brings the origin story of Code for Vegas to the present day.

shawn looker on LinkedIn

Ongoing Projects

Each month we add another project topic to the mix, as part of our pursuit of the overall Capstone Projects. The monthly topic focus is valuable alone, but as part of the overall project plan each contributes more value to the whole than each individual part.

  1. Open Transit was the very first monthly topic and aims to bring project development to Las Vegas locals who may themselves use our public transit system, or know someone who does. This is an ongoing project.
  2. Open Data Capture Platform is a modification of the second monthly topic, Earth Month, but increased substantially in scope and relevance. The City of Las Vegas has a substantial collection of Open Data datasets published online, this project will aim to enable crowd-sourced open data collection as well as modern methods of software access to these data for creative uses that we have yet to think of. This is an ongoing project.
  3. Smart Social is the way a Smart City communicates with itself. Rather than relying on Nextdoor or Twitter or other social media platforms, the goal is to make use of modern and open standards, tools people have at their disposal without requiring installation of proprietary and questionable software or other products, and ideally built with our ethos in mind (this includes language translations and general accessibility). This is an ongoing project.
  4. My Vegas is the Human Interface for our Smart City. Rather than asking people to install mobile applications on devices they may not own, we will attempt to build open standards interfaces to Open Data and other services and information so that more people have more access to more information and interaction. This is an ongoing project.
  5. vLocal is an essential component of the online and, eventually, offline real-world experience of what we all know as Locals. People who are a part of the communities that are Las Vegas, whether within the city limits, a little bit farther away in Southern Nevada, or maybe much farther away but visiting now and then. Ideally this project will focus on secure communication credentials as well as secure online identities to facilitate participation in the various other projects (Smart Social, My Vegas, etc) while addressing concerns around identity compromise. This is an ongoing project.
  6. Welcome is our project for September-October 2022, to examine and consider our city and communities from the perspective of visitors, whether they are tourists, sports fans, conference attendees, here to see family and friends, or simply passing through, our Smart City can be a great experience for temporary visitors, not only providing a delightful time among we locals, but gifting them when some impressions to bring home with them, and to look forward to next time they come by!

Capstone Projects

Do we need more projects? Of course! Each monthly project focus is not only useful and valuable on its own, but each will come together as part of a larger project with even more general utility than each of the individual projects we tackle each month (and again, these are always ongoing projects). Each monthly project, and each capstone project, will bring job skills development and, ideally, actual jobs to participants, whether that participation is in the form of software code development, graphics, human interface, media development, content creation, artistic works, internationalization and localization efforts, accessibility checks, quality assurance, and even marketing, sales, and project management. Each role is essential and each contributor gets credit for their effort from start to finish.

Virtual Vegas

Virtual Vegas is a Digital Twin implementation, making maximal use of Open Data datasets and all of the specific topics addressed month over month, the goal is to enable the smartest of smart applications and other projects developments to enable discovery, learning, and participation in our Smart City. It would be easy to compare this project to something like Civilization or Sim City, and both of those would be valid comparisons, but this project will aim to be a platform on which someone might build a game similar to these, or develop open news tools, neighborhood communications tools, safety visualizations, and so on. The possibilities are endless!


This is a capstone in the earliest phases of planning and discussion. Early thinking is to enable a more flexible education platform for students of all ages in the Las Vegas area, adapting what was learned during school closures in pandemic lockdown intervals, adaptation to different learning styles, and enabling learning at different rates for different students, especially in cases where there might be a teacher staffing shortage. If Making our Smart City Smarter is the ultimate goal of Code for Vegas Foundation, Education and an educated populace are the bedrock foundation on which this goal is best built.

Useful Info


Contact Us

If you are unable to attend our in-person or online events, there are other ways we try to interact with our constituents:

There is a link on for the former Code for Vegas group formed in 2014. The meetup group account is owned and operated by Code for America and is not directly affiliated with Code for Vegas Foundation.

Email and Github

We will be launching our email list server to share updates about projects and events using the classic, yet still very useful, communication tool known as Electronic Mail. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send an email message to

If you would like to be added as a member of our Github Organization for purposes of collaborating and contributing to projects, please send an email with your preferred Github Handle to

Fine Print

The Code for Vegas Foundation is a Nevada Nonprofit Corporation, Nevada Business ID NV20222489556, formed on 16 June 2022. As of 12 September 2022, our form 1023 filing with the IRS for 501(c)(3) public charity determination has been submitted and we await determination. During the determination process, Tech Alley is acting as our Fiscal Sponsor for purposes of accepting tax-deducible donations on behalf of Code for Vegas Foundation, in order to support our continued developments. To support Code for Vegas Foundation direction, any donations made prior to determination of 501(c)(3) status are retroactively tax-deductible. This is not tax advice, please seek advice from your tax preparer. Please email any questions concerning donations and our determination status to

The Code for Vegas Foundation logo is an original design by Justin Pecayo.

This Code for Vegas Foundation website will always be a work in progress. Ideally it will evolve into a properly accessible portal useful for interacting with this foundation and its endeavors. Over time, as more projects are deployed for use, this website and other related Foundation websites will likely make use of them to demonstrate our progress.

Website content is published Copyright(c) 2022 by Code for Vegas Foundation. Logos and other creative works included on this website are used with permission with copyrights held by respective owners.